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  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing Summit 2011: Day 1

    by Steven Van Belleghem on November 17, 2011in the categories Branding, Conversations, Social Web4 Comments

    The ‘Word of Mouth Marketing summit 2011’ kicked of yesterday in Las Vegas. I’m participating for het third time and the start of the congress was a very promising one straight away: a good keynote and interesting cases by nice companies. My first observation is that this congress focuses more on the core of word-of-mouth marketing and less on word-of-mouth campaigns. After all good word-of-mouth can only flourish when clients have a positive experience with your products and services, which is an evolution I encourage wholeheartedly. This is how I experienced the first day of the annual Womma Summit 2011.

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  • The impact of online conversations on purchase behaviour

    by Steven Van Belleghem on September 23, 2011in the categories Conversations, Social Web1 Comment

    We all know that conversations have an impact on consumer behaviour. Countless surveys (and books such as the Conversation Manager :-) ) have proven the link between positive mouth-to-mouth advertising and good sales results. Online conversations have added an extra dimension to this story.

    InSites Consulting organised a survey in 35 countries in which 9,000 respondents participated to map the attitudes and the behaviour concerning social media. One of this survey’s elements is about the impact of online conversations on the offline purchase behaviour.

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  • How conversations make or break your next product launch

    by Steven Van Belleghem on May 25, 2011in the categories Activation, Conversations, SkillsNo Comments

    Yesterday, I presented in the product management course @Vlerick. I talked about the role of conversations during a product launch. It’s my belief that word-of-mouth, positive conversations during the pre & post launch phase boosts trial.

    Up to now, most product launches are creating unused potential for their new product:

    - Keeping it too long confidential: pre-marketing really works well to boost conversations.

    - Don’t follow up on feedback: maybe your product isn’t perfect and you could launch a better, upgraded version short after the first launch taking into account the feedback of first users.

    - Focus on a bunch of product features and not thinking about what the conversation should be about.

    And there is more, check the entire powerpoint:

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  • How to drive brand conversations with Gen Y?

    by Joeri Van den Bergh on May 6, 2011in the categories Branding, Conversations9 Comments

    To swiftly sift the more than 3,000 advertising messages youth is bombarded with every day, they are increasingly using their friends and immediate social circle (including parents) as a relevancy filter. Only the news, TV programs, movies, restaurants and bars, travel destinations and brands that are discussed with there friends and relatives are really worth the efforts and time to explore. For brand managers and marketers all together this implies that their brands should be part of the daily chats of their young target groups.

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