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  • Eloqua: From Content to Customer

    by Matthijs van den Broek on April 5, 2012in the categories ConversationsNo Comments

    In the mid of February, Steven’s released a new 6 step approach on content marketing, we’ve published a lot of articles about this topic and the presentation, and we received a lot of great feedback, views, clicks and comments. Thank you all for that. In the meantime, we’d like to take the opportunity to focus your attention on another (beautifully designed) paper on content marketing, that you really must take a look at. Check it out below:

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  • The Conversation Company: Managing The 4 C’s

    by Steven Van Belleghem on March 28, 2012in the categories Conversations, Social Web7 Comments

    Today, I discuss the 4 C’s that you can use to manage your Conversation Company. These pillars work perfectly in a culture as described a few weeks ago. It they allow you to fully use the power of the people and the opportunities social media have to offer. Here are the the four pillars:

    • Customer Experience: people love to talk about your service and your products. It is the key driver of consumer conversations.
    • Conversation: the story of my previous book, The Conversation Manager. It is the goal to converse and not communicate. Listen, ask questions, facilitate the conversations and actively take part in them.
    • Content: give people stuff to talk about, but do it in an authentic, positive and relevant way.
    • Collaboration: involve customers in everything your company does. Let them be part of your boardroom and let them be involved in your decision making processes.
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  • Social is SEO and Content is social [Infographic]

    by Matthijs van den Broek on March 12, 2012in the categories Social WebNo Comments

    Content is still and probably more and more playing a huge rol in the ranking in search engines. And especially good, fresh and unique content is key for search engine optimization. Nothing new for you there, check out the InSites Content Marketing paper here. With the rapid rise of social media usage, search results are more and more heavily influenced by social media content. At Brafton, they’ve made a nice infographic that gives you more information about the relationship betweeen social, content and SEO. Check it out:

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  • Organisational impact of content marketing

    by Steven Van Belleghem on February 20, 2012in the categories Conversations, Social WebNo Comments

    In the last few days, we described in great detail how companies can adopt content marketing in a pragmatic way. The truth of the story is that the implementation of these ideas has a strong impact on your organisation. Content management is a time-consuming and therefore expensive operation. Nonetheless it is vital to prepare your content management thoroughly and properly in advance, so the process can unfold efficiently and with impact. In order to make your organisation content marketing-ready, you need to take account of the following aspects:

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  • Content Marketing Step 6: Measuring success

    by Steven Van Belleghem on February 17, 2012in the categories ConversationsNo Comments

    The last 5 days, we explained to you how you should set up your content marketing strategy. The last step is setting up a measuring system to carefully monitor your content marketing KPIs. Knowing which KPIs to measure depends mainly on the objectives you set for your content strategy. However, we advise to use different layers of KPI setting:

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