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  • The Conversation Company: Managing The 4 C’s

    by Steven Van Belleghem on March 28, 2012in the categories Conversations, Social Web7 Comments

    Today, I discuss the 4 C’s that you can use to manage your Conversation Company. These pillars work perfectly in a culture as described a few weeks ago. It they allow you to fully use the power of the people and the opportunities social media have to offer. Here are the the four pillars:

    • Customer Experience: people love to talk about your service and your products. It is the key driver of consumer conversations.
    • Conversation: the story of my previous book, The Conversation Manager. It is the goal to converse and not communicate. Listen, ask questions, facilitate the conversations and actively take part in them.
    • Content: give people stuff to talk about, but do it in an authentic, positive and relevant way.
    • Collaboration: involve customers in everything your company does. Let them be part of your boardroom and let them be involved in your decision making processes.
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  • LinkedIn stats 2012 [Video]

    by Matthijs van den Broek on March 19, 2012in the categories Social Web5 Comments

    LinkedIn, the professional social network, is seeing steady growth all over the globe. In February, they’ve launched a video (if you don’t like pumping disco beats at this early monday morning, please turn your music level low) that shows the growth per country, and gives you some inspiration to increase your efforts on LinkedIn as a (conversation) company. Check out the video:

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