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  • 5 tips to win international clients through social media

    Social networks are by definition global. If you are hoping to expand your business into new international markets, social networks offer opportunities that didn’t exist before. The secret to success is regarding social networks as global channels. Even if you’re operating in a local market you still need to understand its international potential. Still, there is one prerequisite to success: if you are dreaming about international markets, the core language on your social channels should be English.

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  • This was 2013 on social media

    by Steven Van Belleghem on December 17, 2013in the categories social business, Social Web13 Comments

    The year is coming to a close so it’s time for the traditional end-of-the-year roundup. All year long I’ve collected striking  facts, information and tidbits from all over the world in relation to social media. Obviously a lot more has been going on than what you’ll find in this overview but these are the stories that stayed with me somehow. I hope you’ll enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

    As usual you are free to complete this overview with high or low points that made an impression on you.

    As befitting any self-respecting annual overview there is also a video summary on ‘social media in 2013′.

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  • 10 missed opportunities on social media

    by Steven Van Belleghem on September 2, 2013in the categories social business, Social Web51 Comments

    Much has been said and written about social media and the way on how best to use the new medium is still being written. That’s okay, though: fifty years after the invention of television, we’re still looking for ways to increase its impact. The search for improvement will never end, and a good thing too.

    In this article I’d like to zoom in on a few facts that are causing more and more companies to miss out on genuine opportunities. Just consider the list a source of inspiration in taking a closer look at your own work to determine how you can improve your results.

    1.       Eliminate the human factor, introduce the process

    The initial users of social media in companies were all very enthusiastic and their boundless energy made them instantly successful with the general public. The first webcare successes were all built on the strong shoulders of a small group of enthusiasts. Once the number of interactions rises dramatically, this approach no longer works and webcare is turned into a process. This is often the point where all human enthusiasm is drained and replaced with a functional process. The funny part is that, somehow, customers instantly pick up on this. The enthusiasm tapers off and pretty soon they’re just going through the motions. Efficiency is important, of course it is, but you can’t make customers feel they are talking to a robot. The human factor will always outweigh the functional aspect. The challenge lies in finding a way to safeguard the human aspect in social media because this is the only way of establishing an emotional connection with the consumer.

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  • The 10 most frequently asked questions about social media & Conversation Management.

    Since the publication of my book ‘The Conversation Manager’ (2010), I’ve worked with quite a few companies to inspire and advise them in this new marketing field. The same questions keep coming back across all regions and sectors of activity. Social media, community and conversation managers will definitely recognise them, because they are the same type of questions they hear from colleagues every day.

    In view of these recurring questions, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions and their answers. The contents are open to debate and new arguments can certainly be added to this summary. Please feel free to add your own contribution.

    For most of you, the answers on these questions are well known, but there are still a lot of people to educate in this field. See these answers as possible tools to convince your colleagues, friends or managers about the role of social media in a modern organisation.

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  • Make your social media channels more effective in 4 steps

    A large number of companies are thinking about their next steps in social media. One of the key factors in any social media strategy is the channel/content debate. Companies are struggling to capitalize on their use of social media channels. By means of a hands-on paper, we want to share our approach on how to make effective use of social media channels in order to spread content. This blog post gives a short summary of the paper. The full paper can be downloaded at the end of the post.

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