• A Purpose Driven Culture

    This is the last post about our trip to Silicon Valley. The first post was about the ‘customer first, without compromise’ approach. The second about the organizational design to make it happen. Today’s post is about the purpose driven culture.

    Purpose-driven Culture

    Clear & Inspiring Purpose

    Most CEOs understand the power of purpose. A purpose is a “higher goal” for the organization. Starbucks says it best: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”. Starbucks is not about selling coffee but about bringing people together. When you visit the company, this mentality is palpable in every corner of the building. Every employee breathes this mentality.

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  • The Network Organization

    by Peter Hinssen on September 29, 2013in the categories Marketing 20202 Comments

    Friday we talked about the philosophy of customer first without compromise. This philosophy can only be achieved via a new way of working. This can only be achieved through a network organization. In this post, we share the details about this philosophy.

    The Network Organization

    The Age of Networks

    All around us, thanks to the extreme effects of digitization, we’ve started to shape a society that is entirely based on the concept of networks. Networks of information, networks of knowledge, networks of entertainment, networks of friends, networks of enterprises. Everything we see around us is based on the concept of networks, fueled by digital technologies that are making our society a more connected and networked system every single day.

    We won’t be able to understand, or leverage, the age of networks if we don’t start to think about our world, our businesses, our companies, and our markets as complex, internetworked systems. We have to understand the new language of the age of networks if we want to reinvent our companies.

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  • New paper: Customer first without compromise!

    The Spirit of Silicon Valley

    In mid-September 2013 we (Peter Hinssen & myself) organized an inspiration journey to the American West Coast. The goal of the trip was to gain a better insight into the method of working and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. In this post we’ve written down our conclusions and vision. There is a full paper available based on our visits of the following start-ups and big successful companies: Taco Bell, Quid,, Google, Evernote, Apple, BlueKai, LinkedIn, Disney, Stanford, Yammer, Yahoo, Microsoft, Starbucks and

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  • The predictable consumer: 4 case studies

    by Steven Van Belleghem on September 23, 2013in the categories big data, Marketing 2020, Social WebNo Comments

    Nike is selling its fuelband data to marketing companies as a product. Consumers with a Nike fuelband are gifting Nike and its partner companies with a wealth of data. Nike knows exactly when someone needs a new pair of trainers and that is obviously invaluable information.

    This is just one of the many examples that demonstrate what modern marketing is all about: getting your hands on relevant consumer behavior data and using it to best advantage. Back in the day marketing was based on understanding the average consumer; nowadays marketing tries to understand every individual customer.

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  • Some reflections during #mkttour: Big data: Is it “awesome” or “creepy”?

    by Steven Van Belleghem on September 19, 2013in the categories big data, Marketing 2020, OpinionNo Comments

    There’s no doubt about it: going on an inspiration journey with twenty top entrepreneurs, managers and politicians is absolutely awesome. I’m spending this week travelling around in Silicon Valley in the company of Peter Hinssen to immerse ourselves and our travel companions in the fascinating stories of the American West Coast.

    One of the buzzwords is undoubtedly “big data”. Thanks to their social command center, the popular fast food chain Taco Bell is able to predict the success of product innovations with 90% accuracy. Every year, some 18 million messages on Taco Bell are posted online and the real-time analysis of these data helps them predict success or failure with eerie precision.

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