• The Future of Customer Service: Three strong self-service cases

    More and more companies are investing in self-service. The pure online players have done an excellent job of elaborating and fine-tuning the concept. They came up with the idea out of necessity: when they started out, these companies were simply too small to install a personalized customer service. An efficient self-service channel was their only option to develop a good customer relationship. Banks were also among the early adopters of the idea. Online banking was one of the main activities of the early internet surfers. Banks introduced this application purely from an efficiency point of view. Today, customers expect them to provide this service.

    In my paper ‘From personal to self to crowd service’ you can read all details about this evolution:

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  • The future of customer service: From personal, to self, to crowd service

    The corporate world is at full stretch. On the one hand companies must meet ever-growing expectations with regard to customer experience, while on the other hand there’s a need for economic efficiency. The ultimate challenge for the customer service of the future consists in offering improved customer service at a lower cost.

    In the years to come, every company will question its customer processes. Any sensible company will strive to create the ideal combination between efficiency and the perfect customer experience. Players who are only active online, such as and, boast a highly efficient customer process. Even though their customers rarely come into contact with actual people they still provide a very satisfactory customer experience. Traditional companies have a history of a personal service burdened with a heavy cost structure.

    To avoid overstretching, traditional companies must invest in digitization and in forging a personal (emotional) connection with the customer. Technology is opening up new possibilities in this regard but customers also like personal contact. This combination is shaping the future of customer service: a shift to self-service while still keeping things personal. Also, the service package is expanded by involving the customers themselves in the process. The customer-helps-customer philosophy (crowd service) enables companies to be more efficient and improve their service without losing sight of the human aspect. Fifty-five percent of consumers like the idea of other consumers helping them and 58% are prepared to help others. The customer is ready for crowd service.

    This paper was written based on my own research (in collaboration with SSI and translation partner No problem!), desk research and discussions with companies. This paper takes a closer look at new trends and evolutions in the field of customer service.

    Download the full paper here:

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  • More than 50% of consumers is open for crowd service

    A few months ago, I published a research report on self service as a next step in customer service. Crowd service is also part of the future of customer service.

    In fact, the research report showed that a large group of consumers is very open towards crowd service.

    This short video, shows you the impressive stats:

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  • Animated videos: facts on self service in the entire customer journey

    A few months ago, I published a research report about the future of customer service. The research clearly showed that consumers are ready for self service solutions. In fact, 70% of consumers expects a self service solution on the site of a company.

    In this short video, you can capture some highlights of this trend.

    When I talk about self service, most people only consider post-sales as a possibility. But it goes beyond customer service. Self service can be applied in each phase of the customer journey. This next short video tells you more about this philosophy.

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  • Video (15m): Selling without Selling

    by Steven Van Belleghem on October 17, 2013in the categories content marketing, Marketing 2020No Comments

    A few weeks ago, I was happy to be one of the speakers of the ‘Digital Content Marketing Conference’ organized by Media Forta. Many of you watched the live stream of the speech, but many of you also asked for the video. Well, here you can find the 15 minute keynote speech ‘selling without selling’.

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