• The business impact of social media [Infographic]

    by Matthijs van den Broek on January 23, 2012in the categories Social WebNo Comments

    “Social media is no longer a stop-and-go investment, but rather a long term strategic channel that, when integrated with other marketing efforts, allows brands to connect with users over time.” Yes, that’s true, the people at WildFire are getting the idea, we adhere to this heavily from a conversation management perspective. Results from a recent survey the people at Wildfire (via: MC) conducted among 700 marketers finds “social media efforts valuable in their ability to grow brand awareness and increase dialogue with customers. In addition to spending more time thinking about how to engage audiences, marketers will soon begin to measure social media’s impact on the business through a more traditional ROI definition: attributable sales and costs.”

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  • Inbound marketing vs Outbound Marketing [Infographic]

    by Matthijs van den Broek on January 20, 2012in the categories Activation, Branding, Conversations1 Comment

    Marketing is dead. Social media will rule. We the media. Me the media. The consumer is in control. From push to pull. Advertising is dead. It’s about acts, not ads. Consumers in the boardroom. Marketing is way too important to leave it to the marketing department. You know where this is getting to, right? Familiar with these types of slogans, marketing the start of the new marketing era? Not? Well, you are, right now. And to illustrate the change a bit more, you can also make the distinction between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound = the way to go. Outbound = dead. Sure? No, not at all. Check out the infographic first (click on it to enlarge) before we tell you what we think is wrong with it:

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  • Internet by the numbers: This was 2011

    by Matthijs van den Broek on January 19, 2012in the categories Mobile, Social Web2 Comments

    It seems ages ago: 2011. Remember? Great. Pingdom came up with their annual list of things happening on the internet. How many email accounts were there in the world in 2011? How many websites? How much did the most expensive domain name cost? How many photos were hosted on Facebook? How many videos were viewed to YouTube? What was going on in social media? Below, you can find answers to these questions and many more. “A veritable smorgasbord of numbers, statistics and data lies in front of you,” states Pingdom at their websites. Some facts below. Full story here.

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  • All about Oink: Rate the world

    by Matthijs van den Broek on January 13, 2012in the categories MobileNo Comments

    It’s about rating things, not venues. It’s about rating things like roller coasters in an amusement park or the chairs in a restaurant. Anything, really. That is what Oink is all about, a location based services app, available on iPhone only for now. Oink is the brainchild of Kevin Rose, the former founder of Digg, who’s now leading his next venture called “Milk“. At LeWeb 2011, I got the chance to meet Chris Hutchins, he’s doing business development at Oink. A story about rating the world, the future of Oink, and the potential for market research. Find the video-interview below. Full text at TheNextWeb.

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  • New design: Conversation Management

    by Matthijs van den Broek on January 11, 2012in the categories Conversations1 Comment

    Those who have visited this beautiful home on the web about conversation management, social media and new developments in contentmarketing, might have noticed that there was something different. Yes, it’s true. We have a new design! (kudos to Hannes Willaert & Helmont Siau). A fresh, brand new look that is ready for the future. The is now part of a more broader vision: we’ve given this blog “Conversation Management” as a main title. Because, the future is conversational: the new book by Steven called The Conversation Company is being launched on March 6 in Belgium and March 13 in  The Netherlands. Check this website to join us at the launch.

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