• The future of selling will be selling without actually selling

    The expectations towards content marketing will increase in the coming years. Consumers will be spoiled with so many interesting content, that the low quality work will have no audience anymore. Even the average work will have no audience anymore.

    Snagging consumers will become more and more difficult. Today, consumers go looking for interaction with no more than five brands. Technology is making it increasingly easy for consumers to shield themselves from commercial messages. Being extremely relevant is the only way of keeping the consumer’s attention going.

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  • What makes a true social business strategist?

    by Jochem Koole on April 2, 2013in the categories Opinion, social business14 Comments

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    Last month, my South African colleague David Graham asked me for typical skills and traits to describe a true social media manager. In my opinion, a social media manager isn’t someone who is responsible for managing a company’s social media accounts, like a LinkedIn group, Facebook page, or Twitter account. A social media manager helps a company transition into a social business; a people oriented organization, that creates value (and profit) for and together with the stakeholders within their own network. Maybe that’s why, I prefer the term social business strategist.

    What makes a true social business strategist?

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  • Your online success depends on your offline behavior

    by Steven Van Belleghem on March 26, 2013in the categories Conversations, Marketing 20207 Comments

    In recent years, countless meetings have taken place to determine the online strategy of companies all over the world. Just about every company has asked itself what role it should play on social media. This is a key discussion that’s becoming even more important with every passing day.

    Unfortunately, the participants in this kind of brainstorming session tend to lose sight of the essence of online success: 90% of a company’s online success depends on its offline behavior.

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  • The three pillars of the marketing organization of the future

    The marketing organization of the future will be very different from the current structure and culture. The classic model, in which a marketer entrusts a single advertising agency with all communications, seems outdated.

    Consumers will become more demanding in the future. Within a few short years, the technical possibilities will be within every consumer’s reach. This will heighten expectations toward companies and consumer tolerance for bad products and service will become all but non-existent. Also, the initiative to come into contact with a brand will reside entirely with the consumer since technology will make it increasingly easy for consumers to shield themselves from commercial messages. On social media, too, consumers only wish to be linked with a limited number of brands.

    As a result, companies will have to invest heavily in three dimensions in the years to come:
    MArketing 2020 with purpose

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  • Are you ready for Marketing 2020?

    For many companies, 2020 acts as a symbolic deadline, with many strategic plans working towards that date. Everyone is convinced that the face of marketing and entrepreneurship will have changed profoundly by the time 2020 rolls around. Based on my discussions with experts, literature and my personal vision and experiences with customers, I have compiled an overview of what marketing 2020 might look like.

    This blog post summarizes the main elements of the presentation.

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