Infographic: Usage of the iPad in the United Kingdom

by Carl Vanormelingen on June 21, 2011in the categories MobileNo Comments

Last month the UK based company ‘Imano‘ conducted a survey among 2008 UK iPad users. Below some interesting facts. iPads are mostly used in the living room (95%), garden (48%), car (26%), bathroom (35%), kitchen (63%) and…  in the bedroom (89%). Of the iPad users, 33 percent have installed between the 20 – 49 applications, 6 percent of the users installed more than 100 applications. iPad owners also have an
iPhone (57%), Nintendo Wii (51%), Sony Playstation 3 (34%), Microsoft Xbox (30%), Blackberry 21%) or an Android smartphone (18%.

Ipad owners watch YouTube movies (87%), catch up TV (74%), view live tv (34%) or check out vimeo movies (10%). iPads are used for  internet browsing (98%), email (94%), gaming (79%), social (78%), … but only 45% really use their device for business/work purposes.

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